Testicle Massage: What Are the Health and Testosterone Benefits for Men?

benefits of testicle massage

Have you ever heard of a testicle massage before? Chances are you haven’t.

However, this “secret” technique could actually do a lot for your health and well-being as a man.

Which begs the question - why aren’t more men doing this?

When it comes to taking great care of ourselves, women outperform men. Women often learn how to do self-breast checks for lumps to detect early stage cancer.

You would never hear of a man massaging his testicles as a diagnostic aide. More frequently, men are concerned with the penis, or “shaft” so to speak. However, these two tiny oval shaped glands inside your scrotum are much more important.


But you’re in luck today, as after reading this you will have a new appreciation of testicular massage and its benefits. You will surely incorporate it as a part of your male sexual wellness routine.

What Exactly Is Testicle Massage?

A testicle massage involves using massage techniques to improve the health of this important gland. A holistic approach to the massage also involves some stretching techniques.

This tends to improve some aspects of testicular health. Lastly, a testicle massage helps you analyze its physical structure, and identify the presence of abnormal lumps.

How Can a Testicle Massage Benefit You?

If you’ve never done a testicle massage before, you may not even realize that anything is amiss. However, if you are a young to middle aged man and don’t feel yourself, your prostate could be the problem. 

In particular, a testicular massage can benefit you in the following ways:

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     Early Detection of Testicular Cancer - testicular cancer affects approximately 6 out of every 100,000 men, hitting those with highest testosterone levels. It usually affects men between the ages of 20-36. At this age, men are typically carefree with their health, not caring much about what they do to their bodies, including substance abuse, recreational drug use, and an overall crappy lifestyle. A testicle massage is virtually unheard of by men in these age ranges, but is an effective tool to keep an eye on abnormal physical changes to the structure of the testes. Massage daily, and analyze for the presence of lumps.
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     Allows for Lower Hanging Testicles - infertility is a complex beast, but something as simple as temperature could be the determining factor. Ideally, the scrotum needs to hang lower than the body, but just how much is relative. Many men have scrotums that have not ever fully descended, leading to frequent overheating and insufficient sperm production. Part of a testicle massage involves gentle stretching of the testicles away from the body, which overtime contributes to their moving a tiny bit away from the body. This little difference can be enough to amplify your sperm production.
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     Improves Blood Flow - many men suffer from varicoceles-veins within the testicles that have defective valves which prevent optimal blood circulation. This impaired blood flow could inhibit hormone and sperm production and  adversely affect erection potency. A well performed testicle massage helps to promote blood flow. This also helps to promote testosterone synthesis by the testes.
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     Improves Semen Volume and Sperm Quality - regular testicular massage is associated with improved seminal volume and sperm density. These factors are believed to be related to a combination of stretching techniques and improved blood flow.

How to Do a Testicle Massage

If you’ve never performed a testicle massage before, the mere thought of trying it can be daunting. However, there really is no exact “science“ to it.

As with anything else, you get better with practice. Before embarking on a testicle massage journey, you need to ensure that you warm up the scrotal area. How do you warm up this area?

You literally “warm” things up. This can be done by sitting in a sauna, warm bath, or by simply applying a warm wash cloth to the area for 3-5 minutes. This warm up is done to improve blood flow to the area prior to the massage, in a manner similar to warming up before your workout.

Once you have sufficiently warmed up the area, it is time to move on to the actual massage. To perform:

  • STEP 1 - Start by rubbing on a massaging oil to the entire scrotal area. Commonly used massaging oils include almond or jojoba oil. If you have neither of these, baby oil works just fine. Be sure to apply the oil to cover all areas of the scrotum.
  • STEP 2 - Next, you actually start gently massaging the areas around the scrotum, even though we are not ready to start on the scrotum itself. These include the perineum and uppermost areas adjacent to the scrotum as well. 
  • STEP 3 - Next, you will separate the testicles using your thumb and other fingers to massage each testicle individually. Achieve this by using a pumping motion.
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    STEP 4 - The next step is to move on to the base of the testicles. At this point, you will massage in a circular motion while very gently grasping and pulling downwards.
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    STEP 5 - Repeat the massage from the stage of massaging the adjacent areas to the testicles for a total of 3 minutes.
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    STEP 6 - After you complete this, gently pull and release on both testicles for another 3 minutes. To do this, use both hands with fingers spread apart and grasp the entire scrotum.
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    STEP 7 - Finally, freestyle it up. Massage around the entire scrotum in any manner you like for about 3 more minutes. 

Perform this massage at least 3 times weekly for best results (though daily practice is better).

Advanced Massage Techniques

There are additional techniques you can add on to make the testicle massage even more beneficial, that do not require much more time to perform. Try these advanced techniques after a few weeks of regular testicular massages:

Scrotal Stretching

Scrotal stretching is practiced in an attempt to further lower the scrotum away from the body, which has health benefits by itself.

For one, by doing this, the temperature of the testicles is lowered, making it ideal for sperm production. The second primary effect has more to do with aesthetics.

As a clear separation between the scrotum and penis is achieved, it also contributes modestly to increasing penile length. To perform:

testicle massage and testosterone
  • Grab hold of the testicles with one hand, with a palm up orientation. You should use your thumb and index finger to clasp the scrotum, so that the penis actually rests on your palm.
  • Gently stretch the scrotum downward, and massage in a circular motion with the other hand. Massage in a controlled, gentle, circular motion, while lightly applying pressure throughout the massage.
  • Do this for about 3 minutes, and ideally before bed. This is to offset mild potential discomfort from the stretching that occurs in some people.
  • Start off doing 3 times a week, and slowly increase frequency as your experience and tolerance grows.

Tapping and Rolling

Tapping and rolling are techniques that are highly prized for their ability to increase sexual energy, according to anecdotal reports.  

The technique is quite simple actually, and involves, as the name implies, tapping and rolling of the testicles. To perform:

Tapping Technique:

  • Warm up hands by rubbing together before performing.
  • Grab your penis with one hand and hold in an upright (to the ceiling) position. With your other hand, gently take one finger and “tap” each testicle 36 times, performing one or two sets.

Rolling Technique:

  • In a manner similar to tapping, hold penis upright with one hand, and take your other hand, palms upwards, and gently begin “rolling” the underside of your testicles. Perform 36 times clockwise and 36 times counterclockwise.
  • Clench your anal sphincter muscles tightly throughout so that energy (according to chakra points) moves up the spine and, in turn, stimulates libido.

Sexual Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese Taoist practice that resembles aspects of acupressure in many aspects. It uses points on the feet and hands to benefit an internal body part.

This is thought to be due in large part to the clearing chakra channels, whose closing is believed to lead to a myriad of health problems.

Sexual reflexology shares many of these sentiments, but also believes strongly that intercourse is a sort of “ecstatic acupressure.”  

It is believed that virtually all of the body’s other parts are involved in the process of intercourse. 

This belief suggests that the genitals are the center reflective of our overall health, be it physical, emotional, or mental.

Taoist practitioners believed this so much, that they prescribed specific sexual positions that were believed to have healing abilities for different ailments.

Sexual reflexology also places emphasis on the “matching” of the male and female reproductive organs, as differing penile lengths should be matched with shorter or longer vaginal cavities as well.

It was believed that for true acupressure to be experienced, the entire length of the penis must fit in the vaginal canal, as well as a woman being somewhat “filled” with her partner’s penis.

Finally, Chinese Taoists also placed importance on the body’s “ring” muscles. These are muscles that can be found in areas such as the anus, mouth, eyes, and perineum in women. By contracting/exercising these muscles, the health of corresponding body parts would be improved.


On the surface, a testicle massage may appear as some weird fetish. However, there have been countless reports of men who diligently perform massages who experience measurable improvements to their sex life and overall life-force.

It is more than just rubbing the scrotum as many think at the start, but actually is an ancient technique that ultimately improve hormone production, circulation, and clearance of your chi points.

On a final note, a testicle massage should not cause you pain. If something hurts, it probably means you are applying too much force, or doing it wrong. Mild pressure is expected, but it is transient and short lived. What have you got to lose?

Be ambitious- do it for 30 days and report your findings. Hell, you may be too busy having the best sex of your life due to invigorated testosterone production!