Do Cold Showers Increase Testosterone: Or is This Just a Myth?

You may not like taking cold showers. That’s because you are not aware of the wide range of health benefits YET!

If you’re living in colder regions, you probably avoid cold showers even more.

That doesn’t change much if you live in the hotter climates.

do cold showers increase testosterone

But let me tell you a secret that might make you want to start taking cold showers. Cold showers increase testosterone. Yes, you read it right!


But how do cold showers increase testosterone and how can you get this boost? Stay till the end to find out.

Cold Shower Testosterone Benefits

Cold showers increase testosterone levels by cooling the testicles. Have you ever wondered why your own testicles hang in the pouch?

The reason is because the gonads need to be at a temperature that is colder than other parts of the body for them to function optimally.

This practice of cooling the ball sack to increase testosterone levels has been around for a very long time with Bodybuilders and professional athletes using this technique.

A lot of people are sceptical and think it’s a myth that making the gonads cool would improve testosterone levels. But there is a lot of science to say that it does.

Have you ever wondered why you own balls actually hang there in the first place and why sometimes they hang loosely and other time they are higher up?

The sack has actually evolved to make sure the temperature is just right. Your body makes sure your gonads are at the optimal temperature which actually is a cooler temperature than other areas of the body.

When the temperature is hot then the sack lowers itself down so that the balls become cooler like they are escaping the heat from the body. When it’s cold the sacks stay in its place or goes higher.

This is the reason your own balls will not hang loosely when the temperature is very cold, it's because there is no need to keep them away from the heat.

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Related Studies on Cold Showers:

This Study showed that the testicles work optimally at a temperature of around 31 to 36 degrees C. Researchers believe that thermal sensitivity of your gonads controls their normal function like sperm development and production of testosterone

Another study was done by scientists where they wanted to see the effects heat would have on the testicles of rats. What was found by the researchers was that when the rats had a heat of 43 degrees this resulted in a massive 65% reduction in testosterone.

Although this study was done on rats we share the same physiology as rats.

A study was done in which researchers studied the effects of physical exercise and cold stimulation on testosterone levels. The testosterone concentrations were examined in people before and after physical exercise and cold stimulation.

The participants were 19-32 years old male. The results before and after the cold stimulation were measured, which showed that the testosterone levels had increased by 10%.

In the conclusion of the research, the scientists suggested taking take cold showers for increasing testosterone levels.

Many animal studies have shown that when the testicular Leydig cells are exposed to heat, they can’t produce as much testosterone compared to cold gonads.

Cold Showers and Stress

Stress and testosterone levels are also related. If you’re chronically stressed, chances are that you have low testosterone levels. Scientific evidence supports this claim.

Cold showers can reduce stress levels. They can make your nervous system more resilient to stress. They reduce the levels of uric acid and increase Glutathione levels in the blood.

Cold showers act as a small oxidative stress on the nervous system and the body adapts to this stress. You will become cool and calm.

During the first day that you take a cold shower, you won’t be able to think straight. But after a month, you will feel a whole lot better.

Other Health Benefits of Cold Showers

The benefits of cold showers aren't just limited to increasing testosterone levels. There are a bunch of other benefits too, like:

  • Cold showers increase blood circulation in the body. They move blood to your organs and keep them warm.
  • Cold showers help relieve depression. Research at the Department of Radiation Oncology at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine showed that cold showers stimulate the “blue spot” in the body, which is the brain source of noradrenaline. Noradrenaline helps relieve depression.
  • Cold water makes your hair look shinier and your skin healthier.
  • A study done in 1993 showed that individuals who took cold showers had an increase in virus-fighting ability as compared to those who took hot showers. This suggests that cold showers increase the immune system of the body.

The Best Way to Take a Cold Shower

Taking cold showers is quite easy. But you need to train yourself for cold showers so that you don’t feel the side effects of cold showers at the start. You should adopt the following technique to take cold showers.

  1. First of all, turn the water on to cold. Don’t bathe with warm water at first and then shift to cold water. Some people do this but they don’t get the full benefits of cold showers.
  2. You need to first wet your feet. Then slowly splash the water in the upwards direction.
  3. Now get your hands and arms wet and then splash water on the torso.
  4. Next splash water on the head. Make sure that you aren't breathing heavily; otherwise the water will go into your nose and mouth.
  5. Splash water on your back in the end. You will feel a lot of sensations which will feel like an electrical charge in your spine.
  6. Now clean yourself with a towel. The cold shower is now complete.


 I hope this article has shown you how cold showers can increase testosterone and how they can also bring other health benefits as well.

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