Pine Pollen Testosterone: Benefits of This Testosterone Booster

pine pollen testosterone

Pine Pollen and Testosterone

After reading this post you will understand the connection between pine pollen and testosterone as well as all the benefits of pine pollen.

In a nutshell, Pine Pollen is male tree sperm.

This sperm is blown around in the air so that it might have the chance to land on a female ovary and impregnate it.

This is very powerful stuff that has also been proven to work really on the human endocrine system.

This article is going to show you some of different ways that pine pollen can benefit you.


What is Pine Pollen?

If you live anywhere near pine trees you know the answer, it's that yellow blanket that covers everything in spring.

Ironically this menace is rich in nutrients and has also been used as a supplement for years to treat many different conditions. Unlike most other natural supplements that claim to boost testosterone pine pollen actually IS testosterone.

It's actually filled with natural male hormones so you're not simply boosting your production but actually getting added hormones. Pinus Sylvestris contains 110ng/g of epitestosterone, 590 ng/g androstenedione and a whopping 80ng/g of testosterone for just one gram of pine pollen.

Now think about that for a minute, in a 100g supplement, it's 100 times more! It's one of the richest testosterone sources available and is also a complete protein with over 100 enzymes, 22 amino acids, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

Pine pollen is a tonic rather than a toxic supplement so it's safe for long term use and can legitimately be referred to as an androgen. Basically, it's a superfood, similar to bee pollen, but it also has real hormones in it.

Unlike other synthetic supplements, this is a natural choice and is free of much chemical alteration. There are no side effects in either men or women (unlike steroids) and its nutrient properties help the body thrive on top of imitating anabolic endocrine activity.

Here is a video below showing how pine pollen can increase testosterone especially in men over 40. 

Video: Pine Pollen Raises Testosterone in Men Over 40

Now you can see the link between Pine Pollen and Testosterone let's now dive into how it works.

How Does Pine Pollen Increase Testosterone?

Chinese medicine uses pine pollen for many different cures but one of the most common is hormonal support.

The stenols found in the plant legitimately act as a natural steroid that can balance the androgen/estrogen ratio quite effectively.

The naturally occurring andro in pine pollen does the same job as the body's natural production does. It stimulates the endocrine system and is converted metabolically into testosterone.

The amount of unbound testosterone in an average guy is between 250-1000ng, so 100g of pine pollen has 8000ng which is 8 times that amount!

Although some of it will get destroyed by stomach acid when you eat it there's still a significant enough amount to make a difference.

pine pollen testosterone

On top of this, it stimulates the body's production of Glutathione, an antioxidant which helps combat mitochondrial breakdown and keeps the body's own production up.

It also works to combat phytoestrogens and xeno-estrogens that can negatively affect your production of testosterone.

As we know Testosterone is essential to the body for many reasons, adequate testosterone is needed for your body to regulate your fat production and keep you lean. If it's not balanced and your body has high estrogen you're more likely to store fat and have greater difficulty gaining muscle.

Many studies have shown that an increase in testosterone can help make muscle building easier when coupled with the right diet and routine. The problem is simply increasing the amount of testosterone in the blood isn't enough, it needs to be free and unbound so that it can be used for that purpose.

Pine pollen is full of unbound (bioavailable) testosterone which makes it ideal to fill that need. The anabolic compounds in pine pollen also help with tissue regeneration, excretion of excess estrogen, increase in muscle mass and can increase metabolic activity.

Other Benefits of Pine Pollen

Apart from the evidence above showing how pine pollen can increase testosterone levels, there are also many other health benefits that come with the consumption of pine pollen.

  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Great for the skin and hair
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Supports the immune system
  • Excellent brain food
  • Improves energy and vitality
  • Contains the powerful antioxidant Glutathione
  • Increases sexual vitality

Pine Pollen Tincture Dosage

If you eat pine pollen with food you're going to lose some of the hormones in the harsh stomach chemicals so it's best to make a pine pollen tincture. Tinctures are absorbed through the mouth and into the bloodstream.

It's a great way of getting those hormones straight into your bloodstream without injecting them. The membranes in the mouth are very thin, unlike your outer skin, which means they are ideal for absorbing the hormones.

A good tincture is just enough alcohol (vodka works fine) to dissolve the pine pollen and then a few drops under the tongue. You can also buy pine pollen tinctures ready made from most natural supplement stores.

It's a good idea to start gently with the pollen in case you experience any allergic reactions. Unlike steroids, you're not going to see huge negative changes. However, if you're already suffering in spring when everything gets blanketed in the yellow menace it's possible you'll have trouble with the tincture as well.

It's also possible to see bad reactions if you're allergic to bees. Start with a single drop under the tongue and evaluate your body's reaction before taking it regularly.

Choosing The Best Pine Pollen Supplement

Since the pollen has to come from one of two specific types of pine it's a good idea to research your supplement first (simply collecting it off your yellow car in spring isn't going to cut it).

The majority of pine pollens come from the Pinus massoniana or Pinus sylvestris species

The pollen needs to be in a raw form that is as pure as possible so you get a good concentration of the hormones without simply getting unnecessary fillers too.

There is some debate on whether or not you need pollen that has the cell wall cracked or not.

Cracking the cell wall, in theory, allows for the phytochemicals inside the pollen grains to be absorbed easier and without damaging the delicate hormones in there.

There are some differences between taking the powdered form and the tinctured form too.

As a raw powdered form, the pollen is more of a food so it needs to be taken in greater doses to get the same effect without having the DHEA and other hormones destroyed through digestion.

Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen 

You can also hold the pollen in your mouth for a few minutes to get some instant absorption. The biggest benefit of the powder however is that it is practically impossible to eat enough to get your hormones to unsafe levels (where you might damage your body's own production of T).

Pine pollen in powder form is more used as a hormone modulator rather than a booster. On the other hand, the alcohol in the tincture concentrates the phyto-androgens which mean you get an immediate effect.

It's not quite as extreme as steroids but it would certainly be possible to see some bad effects if you take too much as it's very potent. So the tincture form is more of a boost. Ideally getting the right balance between the two will give you the best results.

The best quality pine pollen tincture which is the most potent form can be found from a company that used wild harvested ingredients, 99% cracked cell wall pollen that leads to 20% more absorption and is processed in a GMP Certified facility.

The company we recommend for a quality pine pollen tincture is Surthrival

Vitajing Herbs also provide a good quality broken cell powder form of pine pollen that does not contain any fillers or bulking agents. It also contains 200+ Bio-Available Compounds including Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids & Antioxidants. 

To learn more about Vitajing Herbs Pine Pollen click here.


As you can see there is a powerful link between pine pollen and testosterone levels. Using a pine pollen supplement can be a great way to boost testosterone naturally without the side effects that steroids can bring.

To put it simply pine pollen is an amazing hidden treasure from nature and can be classed as a superfood that has many benefits when it comes to increasing health and vitality.

Just remember to start slowly with it to make sure you don't have any allergic reactions and also remember to cycle it so that your body doesn't become accustomed to it.

thanks for reading

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