CoQ10 Benefits For Men: Blood Flow, Libido, Heart Health

CoQ10 Benefits For Men

CoQ10 is no longer just associated with supplementation for old people, but is quickly becoming a valuable addition to a smart supplement regimen. Interested to know more?

News flash - if you’re a man, you might be missing out on the numerous benefits of this compound.

Without a doubt, you’ve probably heard the name CoQ10 around here and there, even though you may not clearly understand its importance for health.

Then keep reading!


What is CoQ10?

CoQ10 is a compound that naturally occurs in the human body - in every cell to be precise. It is a co-enzyme (with its full name being co-enzyme Q10), that is very important in energy production.

Think of CoQ10 as the “spark plug” that sets into motion the production of our energy currency, ATP.

But that’s not the only important function that CoQ10 has in our body (but if it was, that surely is enough), as it’s also a potent anti-oxidant and shows potential in treating a myriad of health conditions, ranging from Parkinson’s disease to muscular dystrophy and even migraines.

Convinced that you should take it? That’s great. But there’s MORE. LOTS MORE. As men, we are constantly looking for ways to optimize and improve performance, in and out of the bedroom.

CoQ10 could be that silver bullet that transforms you from a mere man, into a man full of energy.

Let’s explore how CoQ10 supplementation can benefit male health, shall we?

CoQ10 Boosts Levels Of Nitric Oxide And Can Temper Erectile Dysfunction

Nitric oxide has become an extremely popular topic over the past two decades, as it’s now accepted to be responsible for a large part of overall health, as well as influencing a man’s sexual potency.

Nitric oxide is the compound that is responsible for vasodilation, or the ability of blood vessels to expand and improve blood flow.

And yes, just in case you were wondering, nitric oxide also improves erectile strength and can reduce the severity of erectile dysfunction.

CoQ10 has been shown to preserve and delay the amount of time before nitric oxide is degraded, which in turn prolongs its beneficial actions.

CoQ10 also increases the production of the prostaglandin called "prostacyclin", which is itself a potent vasodilator in the human body.

Is it any wonder that most of the effective male enhancement products for sale on the market include some form of a nitric oxide boosting agent in them?

CoQ10 appears to be more powerful at increasing nitric oxide levels in men with any cardiovascular dysfunction, and its effects may not be as drastic in the normal population.

Regardless, this research above shows that CoQ10 is a beneficial compound for preserving nitric oxide production and increasing blood flow in the body!

CoQ10 Can Preserve Libido

It’s no surprise than many men experience a drop in libido as they age, for a variety of reasons. However, at the heart of it all is the hormone/neurotransmitter Dopamine, known as the pleasure and reward chemical.

Dopamine is typically released following thoughts or actions that we deem pleasurable, including making money, having sex and sometimes consuming comfort food as well. Dopamine levels can be depleted, however, or become desensitized, which frequently occurs in chronic consumers of pornography.

CoQ10, however, is seen as a “dopamine preservative”, being able to sacrifice itself in order to prevent dopamine depletion. Ever wonder why obese men, or those with metabolic syndrome lose their sex drive?

It is not merely because of the alterations to testosterone levels, but also a decrease in brain dopamine levels. CoQ10 can help lessen the impact of dopamine loss on the male brain and its sexuality.

This is the same dopamine preserving effect it demonstrates in helping to manage Parkinson’s disease.

CoQ10 and Testosterone Levels

You’ve probably heard of every supplement under the sun having a “testosterone boosting property”, and we get it, you may have mixed feeling by hearing that.

However, the way CoQ10 goes about raising testosterone is very low-key, and not something that typically gets all the glitz and glamour of more established names.

Instead, CoQ10 does so by reducing the effect of oxidative stress on the gonads. We experience an immense amount of oxidative stress on a daily basis, some men are more unfortunate than some.

There was an interesting discovery recently made by researchers who were studying hypogonadal men.

The result of this research was that as the men’s testosterone levels were improved (via external administration), the amount of CoQ10 that was metabolized decreased significantly.

This was in contrast to readings during which their testosterone levels were low, which coincided with lower CoQ10 levels as well.

What this simply means is that once again, CoQ10 may act as a shield to your masculinity’s precious resource.

CoQ10 Can Boost Strength In Men Who Exercise

Men want to look good, and function optimally, which is why the gym should definitely be a place you should visit regularly.

In your quest to get leaner, you will inevitably attempt to lift greater and greater weight in the gym as the months pass by.

CoQ10 and Testosterone

CoQ10 may be of some benefit to you in such a case as well. Ubiquinol, which is one of the forms CoQ10 is transformed into upon ingestion, was found to be able to increase strength output significantly over the short period of just 6 weeks, as was documented in a study conducted on elite German athletes.

This was significant, not only because of the level of strength gained over a short period of time, but also because the participants were all highly trained and thus, should be highly tolerant to anything that offers such promise.

Since you are probably nowhere near the level of fitness of a German elite athlete, it should be safe to say you would experience matching or even greater gains in strength!

CoQ10 Can Improve Blood Pressure And Preserve Heart Function

High blood pressure is an affliction affecting millions of men worldwide, with negative effects trickling down as far as a erectile dysfunction.

Though high blood pressure is typically associated with “having too large blood volume”, it should be more associated with the blood vessels not dilating as they normally should.

CoQ10 has demonstrated its potency for treating high blood pressure in numerous studies, which were documented via review of a series of clinical trials.

CoQ10 also helps maintain the energy production required for the high level of activity the muscles of the heart mandate, and offers great assistance in congestive heart failure.

Both of these conditions can negatively affect blood flow and sexual well-being, and leave CoQ10 well poised to be a great choice for your consumption.


Should you consume CoQ10 after reading all of this? Absolutely, but we also realize that CoQ10 isn’t cheap.

Thus, if you are relatively healthy, a low dose supplement which is at the Observed Safe Level (OSL) may suffice for now.

Better yet consume foods rich in CoQ10, such as organ meats (especially liver and heart), various cuts of beef, sardines, mackerel, and berries.