Tongkat Ali and Testosterone: A Proven Natural Testosterone Booster

Does Longjack Increase Testosterone?

How would you feel if nature in all its glory provided a herb that could significantly raise your libido?

That could contribute to stronger erections, and turn your body into a hormone producing machine?

Most men who feel their hormones declining usually resort to artificial methods like prescribed hormones and steroids in an attempt to revive flagging hormones.

tongkat ali testosterone

But on this site, we want to find natural ways to boost testosterone levels in the body.

When you resort to these unnatural methods, your testicles are going to stop doing the work they should be because now a steroid or drug is doing the work for them.

This leads to a vicious cycle where you start relying on these drugs, which can eventually lead to your testicles slowly beginning to atrophy and die.

This means as soon as you come off these drugs you are going to be in for a horrible shock that you really don't want to experience. This is the main reason we want to raise our hormone levels in a clean and healthy way.

Let's now look at what Tongkat Ali is and what health benefits it can give to you.

What is Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is often known by different names such as Eurycoma Longofolia, Longjack, and even Malaysian Ginseng but the name that I like the most is how Tongkat Ali translates into English which is "Ali's Walking Stick".

These Traditional Doctors obviously had a sense of humor and wanted to show in a very graphic way the results this potent herb can have.

The herb is native to the Malaysian rain forests and it is the root of the tree that has the medicinal properties and compounds that help to increase testosterone.

Tongkat has a long history of use in Malaysia as a way of increasing sexual desire, libido, and sexual performance which is what we are interested in here.

Here are 5 more benefits of Tongkat Ali for both men and women.​

Tongkat Ali - Bodybuilding and Testosterone

The reason so many bodybuilders use Tongkat Ali is because they know it can increase the production of testosterone. But the way Tongkat Ali works is different to how artificial testosterone boosters work.

Instead, this herb works at the balancing, cleansing, and building of body systems and internal organs which is great news for us.

People who use synthetic and artificial methods can in fact temporarily increase their hormones. However, the body starts to rely solely on an outside agent to produce testosterone which can lead to big problems in the long term.

But the way Tongkat works is that it lights up the Leydig Cells found in your testicles and stimulates them to wake up and start pumping the life-giving hormones into your body.

Another amazing way that this herb will increase testosterone is by the way it lowers the hormone called SHBG (AKA Sex Hormone Binding Globulin).

Essentially in plain English SHBG is a protein in the body that binds to your precious testosterone and makes it unavailable for your receptors. This basically results in less free testosterone in the body.

But don't fret yet because SHBG can be lowered in many ways.

Tongkat Ali helps release these binds and lowers the levels of SHBG which ultimately results in freer testosterone flowing through your body. 

Therefore using a natural testosterone booster like Tongkat Ali will result in a cumulative and steady increase in sexual vitality.

With all this extra free testosterone, you can expect to have an increase in testicle size and more intense orgasms.

Tongkat Ali Testosterone Study

There has been a lot of research to show the relationship between Tongkat Ali and testosterone so let's see what the science can tell us:

  • In this study, 32 men and 31 women were given a standardized extract of Tongkat Ali. After just 4 weeks cortisol was reduced by 16% and testosterone levels increased by 37%. 
  • In this 6 month study which involved 109 men, half of the subjects were given 300 mgs of Tongkat Ali and the other half were given a placebo. After just 12 weeks the results showed an increase in semen motility of 44% and a volume increase of 18% only in the group taking Tongkat Ali.
  • This ergo-log study shows that Tongkat Ali can increase testosterone levels in men who produce too little of the hormone.

Best Tongkat Ali Cycle

Tongkat Ali is a very potent herb and can have a dramatic effect, but what usually happens with most users is that they feel the benefits at the start but after a period they begin to build a tolerance to it.

This is where most people will stop using the herb and think it's not useful anymore.

However, if you cycle this herb properly you will be able to consistently experience the good changes to your mood, energy, and testosterone.

The best thing to do is to make sure that you cycle this herb by having a break period which is 40% of the length of cycle you use.

For instance, if you are going to use a cycle of 5 days which is highly recommended, you would then introduce a break period of 2 days after the 5 days of using it are up.

This will stop your body building a tolerance to this herb and allow the body to stay receptive.

Best Tongkat Ali Brand

Please also be aware that a lot of Tongkat Ali supplements are nothing but pulverized and ground up root.

Because of this they can be prone to fungus and other such toxins that can cause side effects when used long term.

The best quality Tongkat is one that contains no toxins and is standardized with the exact strength. Also, make sure that this herb has been tested for heavy metals to ensure it's pure Tongkat.

The best formulas of Tongkat Ali that we recommend should always have either a 100:1 or 200:1 ratio. This number refers to the quantity of root in grams that’s used to make 1 gram of the extract.

In other words, if a Tongkat supplement has a ratio of 50:1, this means 50 grams was needed to make 1 gram of the Tongkat extract.

However, the higher the strength of the extract, the higher the price you pay, which is why 200:1 is the most expensive.

Another Tongkat Ali extract we recommend is LJ100 (100:1 extract) which is the only Longjack extract that is backed by 14 human studies. It’s also the only patented form of Tongkat Ali out there.

LJ100 is also protected by a worldwide patent for treatment of sexual dysfunction, developed by the esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Government of Malaysia.

We are now in the process of producing or own high-quality Tongkat Ali product.

To be notified when this is ready click here.

But for now, here you will find some of the Best Tongkat Ali Supplement Brands on the market. Don’t bother wasting your money on lower quality products that will not deliver any results.

Pure Science SD-200 Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali Quality 100:1 Extract

Herbolab Tongkat Ali Extract 200:1

herbolab tongkat ali 1 200


Always remember to cycle Tongkat and it will deliver the results to you. If you take Tongkat Ali without having a break period you wont be getting all the benefits that this herb can offer.

Natural herbs are a great way to boost your testosterone levels safely. If you can follow a healthy diet, and exercise the right way as well as using these supplements you're on a one-way path to changing your life.

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