Closest Supplement to Steroids: Alternatives That Work Fast

Closest Supplement to Steroidsclosest supplement to steroids

If you want to know more about the closest supplement to steroids then you’re in the right place.

Steroids do work at quickly boosting testosterone levels, but the benefits they give do come at a price.

Steroids supplements, no matter how safe, do have a lot of side effects like loss of hair and strong mood disturbances.

Can you achieve all the benefits of steroids minus all the side effects? Is there any natural steroid supplements that promise similar benefits but come with no side effects? That’s what we will look at in this article.

This article is going to look at 4 steroid alternatives that are natural, legal and safe. So let’s get to it!

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a Malaysian testosterone boosting supplement that when taken at the correct dose is known as one of the closest supplements to steroids.

It is now popular all around the world due to its ability to boost testosterone and improve the quality and strength of erections. Researchers believe Tongkat Ali can increase testosterone levels by several mechanisms.

First, it boosts the concentration of testosterone itself. Second, it decreases the amount of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG).

SHBG is a protein that binds with the testosterone in your blood and makes it inactive.

Finally, research also shows that this herb blocks the activity of an enzyme called aromatase. Aromatase is an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen- the female version of testosterone.

Results of a research showed how powerful this herb can be in boosting testosterone levels. The research included 64 stressed subjects. They were given a 200 mg capsule of Tongkat Ali or placebo. After 4 weeks, their blood levels of cortisol and testosterone were measured.

The results were amazing! Researchers found that the subjects experienced a 16% reduction in cortisol and a 37% improvement in testosterone levels!

Another research studied the effects of this herb on male reproductive abilities. Researchers at the University Sains Malaysia gave 300 mg of this herb to 109 subjects. After 12 weeks of use, researchers found that subjects had significant improvement in erections and overall parameters of their semen like the sperm motility.

The best Tongkat Ali is one that contains no toxins and is tested for heavy metals. It should also be a product that is taken from a tree that is at least 10 years in age and the dosage should be 1:200.

The company that meets all these requirements is a company called Herbolab

Pine Pollen

Pine pollen is probably the closest supplement to steroids out there. To put it simply, pine pollen is an androgenic superfood!

It contains actual testosterone and when taken these hormones go straight into the bloodstream. So eating it is just like ingesting a testosterone pill! How good is that?

Research shows that some varieties can actually give you as much as 80 ng of testosterone.

Other than that, it contains a bunch of healthy amino acids, vitamins, minerals and healthy Omega fatty acids. All these nutrients are essential for a healthy body and healthy testosterone production.

Pine Pollen is not very popular in the West yet. But it’s slowly making its way and hopefully, you’ll be seeing a bunch more data on this supplement too. But the initial data that is out there now is really promising, making it a must try!

The best form of Pine Pollen is a tincture form because this goes straight into the bloodstream but when taken in tablet form some of the hormones can be destroyed by stomach acids.

The best tincture that has 99 percent cracked cell wall pollen that gives 20% extra absorption can be found from a company called Surthrival

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna is a great way to increase testosterone. It increases testosterone levels by increasing dopamine.

What’s the link between dopamine and testosterone, you may ask? Your question is indeed valid.

Here is the explanation for you.

Your body releases a hormone called prolactin. Prolactin is beneficial in females, but in males, it only functions to decrease testosterone.

If you have high prolactin in your body, you’re more likely to suffer from issues like decreased libido, poor erections, and other sexual disorders.

Dopamine is one of the most important neurotransmitters in your brain. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that your brain uses for communication. Dopamine acts on a part of your brain called the pituitary gland.

Within the pituitary gland, it causes the release of another hormone called the prolactin inhibitory hormone (PIH). PIH inhibits the production of prolactin. Now, without prolactin, your body starts to produce testosterone.

To put in simple words, Mucuna functions to increase the production of dopamine in your body. Dopamine increases the production of testosterone in your body by decreasing prolactin levels. The Testosterone boosting effects of Mucuna are actually proven by scientific studies as well.

In a study, 75 men were given 5 grams of mucuna for 90 days. At the end of 90 days, they were assessed for different parameters of their semen and testosterone. Results were indeed encouraging.

Results showed that use of Mucuna was able to improve the quality of their semen. It was also able to increase the amount of testosterone in the blood. Researchers found that the use of mucuna can increase the amount of testosterone in infertile males by 32%.

A good pure extract of Mucuna that is made in the USA can be found here.


Forskolin is a famous supplement. But it is not famous for its ability to boost testosterone but more for its action on lowering body fat. The world still sees forskolin as a fat burner rather than a testosterone booster.

But, forskolin it is one of the most powerful testosterone boosters out there! There is a lot of scientific data that support this claim. Research shows that it increases the amount of cAMP in your body. Now, what is cAMP?

Your body cells communicate with each other through chemicals and cAMP is one of them. Once testosterone reaches your body cells, it increases the amount of cAMP in your cells.

So if something increases the amount of cAMP, it should increase the effectiveness and sensitivity of your body even to the slightest amount of testosterone. Makes sense, right?

But here is some data that actually proves these points.

Results of research showed that when the Leydig cells (testosterone-producing cells of your testes) were treated with forskolin, the production of testosterone increased by almost 200%. Yes 200%

A good quality forskolin supplement can be found from a company that manufactures forskolin in a facility that is FDA inspected and GMP certified.

To find out more about this company click here.

Other Testosterone and Libido-Boosting Supplements

In addition, there are a lot of other supplements that can increase the amount of testosterone in your body. All of these supplements work to boost testosterone in a natural way. At any rate, here is a list of some more supplements that are extremely popular for their testosterone boosting properties:

I hope this has helped you find out what are some of the closest supplements to steroid are. In a nutshell, there are natural supplements out there that work well to boost testosterone and that are safe and legal.

If you want to get all the benefits of increased testosterone without having to face the side effects, then these supplements mentioned above are a must try!

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